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Travel With An Exclusive Tribe Of Women Who Let The Wind Whisper In Their Ears

With Meraki you walk, hop and sprint. Sometimes to catch up on what’s long gone, sometimes to chase what’s ahead. But each time you take a step, you learn.

We Are Here To Bring Powerful And Life Changing Travel Experiences For Women

MERAKI is a one-of-a-kind, innovative, and transformational travel experience designed specifically for women from various backgrounds and professions who want to not only explore new places but also re-discover themselves through exciting, innovative, and enriching life-altering holiday experiences, either alone or with a carefully curated group of like-minded travellers.

How It All Started

We believe that travel and tourism for women should evolve consciously. From family and relationships to life events, personal health, and so on, travel is a catalyst for personal transformation and new lifestyle choices. Travel can be catalytic in a number of areas, including relationships, environmental impact, consumer and travel choices, social purpose and philanthropic commitments, and lifestyle and time management decisions, to name a few.

Intricate travel experiences crafted for women by women

MERAKI experiences are tailor-made from beginning to end, paying close attention to every possible detail and each experience is planned to be to unique to ensure that no two MERAKI experiences are alike. We live by our purpose to make travel for women a path to empowerment, discovery and bring positive change to the woman that you are!

The Meraki Moods

A diverse and handpicked collection of tours based on various traits and themes to inspire awe in women from all walks of life


Join a social, vibrant and thriving community of women who love to travel and explore the world while creating benchmarks of their own.

Empowered Choices To Complement You


Discover Immersive Travel Experiences Crafted For Women