Have you added Japan to your 2023 travel bucket list? | Meraki Diaries Have you added Japan to your 2023 travel bucket list? | Meraki Diaries

Have you added Japan to your 2023 travel bucket list?

With the popularisation of anime and the fusion of immersive culture, Japan has recently emerged as one of the top international destinations. It has come a long way from sushi, kimonos, and renowned technological advancement in every aspect of a human's lifestyle and profession. If you wish to "Konnichiwa" on a solo trip to Japan or with your girl gang and explore what the country offers, you have come to the right place.
Whenever we hear about Japan, these famous attractions surely hit our minds to explore the Japanese charisma.
But if you have the soul of an explorer and genuinely believe in the spirit of "wanderlust," then the usual major attractions will not quench your thirst for travel in Japan. Being a tourist and being a traveller is different. And Meraki Diaries is your one-stop location to discover the road to the lesser known, which lies hidden under the stereotypical itinerary yet encapsulates the original magic of Japan. We have curated a list of off-the-beaten-path attractions. Explore your Japan trip guide to unearthing this mystical journey from a different lens and curate an experience of a lifetime.
So, what are you waiting for? Gather your girl squad. It's time to put on your traveller hats. Create a WhatsApp group- "Japan travel." Discuss your outfits. Pack your bags. Let's drive away from the limelight, delve into the "land of the rising sun," and capture the sparkle!
Without further ado, here is your Japan travel guide.
Let's go backpacking in Motoyama
With the hustle of our daily routine, an escape into the quiet corners of nature can be therapeutic for our body and mind. Away from the city lights and the honking, Motoyama provides the ideal opportunity to surround yourself with nature and enjoy peace in the serene environment.
For someone who loves the lush greens, this wonderful destination curates a sense of solitude and mindfulness where you can enjoy your company, even by taking a walk in the rice fields or the beautifully carved parks.
Into the charming meadows of the Iya valley
The Iya valley encapsulates incredible beauty with its magnificent peaks and rugged-textured cliffs, curating a scenic view one usually sees in movies. The district is the smallest of Japan's four main islands. The Iya valley served as a hideout for fugitives in the early days. Still, today it is the perfect retreat with its vine bridges, beautiful and adventurous winding roads, and soothing hot springs along the riverside.
A glimpse of the hidden city – Oita
Oita city is the perfect place to sneak a peek at Japan's culture and how trade impacted the city. This hidden city holds its value in the history of Japan as the gateway to western trade. The modern-day Oita has hints of European essence in the city's art and culture, sculptures, religion, and lifestyle. The European sculptures are hidden in the city, displayed in the Oita Art Museum and the Asakura Fumio Memorial Park.
And your trip doesn't simply end while perusing the art and culture of Oita City. Oita Prefecture's famous fried chicken can get into your "must-eat" list of dishes in Japanese cuisine. Before you leave, ensure you greet the wild snow monkeys in the monkey park, feed them little (recommended) treats, and gaze at the jaw-dropping view of Mount Takasakiyama!
Gardens will amaze you in Kanazawa
Tirta Gangga, which is home to the majestic Taman Tirta Gangga, one of Bali’s most beautiful palaces, may draw its fair share of tourists during the day. Still, the evenings bring a quiet that is uncharacteristic of touristy Bali. The idyllic landscape, which offers amazing opportunities for excursions to picturesque rice fields, nearby villages, and revered temples, is the main draw outside the palace.
And if you think that is all that Kanazawa has, you are mistaken! Kanazawa carries the architectural culture of Japan rather magnanimously. Ninjadera temple in Kanazawa sets a beautiful example of Japanese architecture. It packs the magic of alluring and secretive mezzanine floors, defence systems that have perfected the art of deception, and classic Japanese finishes.
You will also visit a Samurai District, which houses several samurai skilled in warfare, the art of using ninja swords, bows and arrows, and much more! Other alternative attractions for your explorer soul include Nanto, Hita, Jigoku (also known as the gateway to hell) along the island of Beppu, and many more.
Highlights of your Japan journey would include:
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