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Follow your heart to the sublime getaway of travelling to Kochi

Looking for an offbeat experience in the backwaters, but Goa sounds too mundane and is every adventurer’s dream? Well, a group travel for womento God’s own country sounds like a thrilling idea, doesn’t it? But where in Kerala, one might ask? Well, Meraki Diaries has it all sorted for your next group travel for women. We present to you “explore Kochi,” a trip curated for explorers who wish to quench their thirst for adventure and do things not chosen by many. Are you always on the hunt for adrenaline through new experiences? Then, add “travelling to Kochi” to your wishlist, coz ladies; it’s going to be one hell of a ride!

Usually, your Cochin group travel for women might look something like this:

And, while this list comprises all the tourist spots one must visit during their Kochi trip, it’s not meant for your girl squad, my friend. You are adventurers and explorers! The ones who pick the road less travelled. Ones who are always on their feet, looking for the next thrill-something which is beyond the usual crowd. You are different. And in group travel for women, the list of “things to do in Kochi” has to be unique. And we are right with you. Meraki Diaries is your trip guide, the one who is ready to dig deep and bring you the list of offbeat experiences you must go for.

Backwaters in Kochi? You must be kidding!
While all of us are aware of the popular backwaters of Kerala, not many know of the beautiful backwaters in Kochi, which compete intensely against Alleppey’s serene backwaters. Kochi has been granted the matrix of scenic backwaters, zig-zagging their way through the city, enhancing the appeal of this heavenly village.
Fort Kochi sure has more to offer
While Fort Kochi is a destination that positions itself at the top of the “must-visit places in Cochin,” the explorers experience the area from a unique perspective. The fort boasts a diverse mix of Dutch-style architectural build, designs, patterns, and a beautiful tropical climate. The back alleys offer the “wanderlust” experience, where you can explore the charming streets and interact with locals. Befriend them, and they will show you around their favourite places, which might have your heart!
Kochi was home to a Jewish community. Say WHAT?

One of the most intriguing facts about the history of this divine village is that it used to house a sizable Jewish community. And that’s not all in group travel for women with Meraki Diaries. Kochi used to provide shelter to the Chinese fishermen and Arabic traders, which might be one of the reasons behind its eclectic mix of culture, which is a huge alluring factor for the explorers.

Jew town is considered to be a hidden gem and is definitely worth the visit. The major attractions of this area comprise the synagogue and a museum which provide the traveller with the entire history of the Jews of Kochi and help them understand how the village has evolved from ancient times, carrying and imbibing the elements from the sands of time into its culture. You will find many artefacts, jewellery, and decorative items, but your hands might be a little tied as there is no massive scope of a bargain!
Oh yes, there are waterfalls too
The magnificent Athirampally waterfalls are just a few hours from Kochi but should be added to your “Kochi places to visit” list. The best time to visit these waterfalls is during the Monsoon season, but hey, rain or not, waterfalls always appeal to the nature lover soul within you. The view might make you hold your breath for a second, and the peace will be something you might keep coming back for. The calmness of this place will never fail to astound you.
Into the green scene
Explore the agricultural activities of the land and witness the unearthed destinations filled with lush greens- serving your heart and soul with the aesthetic views. Kumbalangi allows you to experience ecotourism, where you will closely observe the locals’ lifestyles and join them in traditional activities. This tour will give you a chance to understand the tradition of the land and its locals, which include fishermen, farmers, labourers, toddy tappers, and coir spinners. The village of Kumbalangi is known as the tourism village of India.

There are many other off-the-beat experiences we have in store for you! While we might keep those on the down low (surprise, surprise!), here are the trip’s highlights you must send to your girl squad to help them get excited and convince them to join you for the next group travel for women!

Oh wait, there’s even more! The bonus attraction.
Biennale art festival
Kochi Muziris Biennale, commonly known as the Biennale art festival, is a magnificent international art exhibition that binds the charisma of eccentric multicultural history, encapsulating contemporary art styles worldwide. The display boasts artworks from Indian and several international artists through various mediums.
And if you think that’s just it, you would be wrong! Biennale art festival also hosts various screenings, seminars, workshops, musical shows, and other fun activities encouraging you to learn more about art, history, and all things Kochi. The location in and around Fort Kochi houses this magnanimous festival with all its grandeur, thus creating its mark as a hotspot for cultural exchange. No wonder why it is recognised as Asia’s largest contemporary art festival.

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So, what are you waiting for? Our group travel for women to Kochi awaits your arrival! Get your friends, and pack your outfits while we arrange everything for your fantastic trip. Let’s get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and out into the woods for that nature-loving, peace, and fun with your favourite people. Read the entire itinerary here. Visit our website and contact us for more details.