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Here are some common questions that women travellers often ask us

Meraki hosts customised travel experiences for women across the country. All our experiences are tailor-made from beginning to end, paying close attention to every single detail a female traveller might require or desire. Meraki helps you discover journeys that are unique, untapped and safe.

Any Meraki girl with a thing for travel is automatically onboard. All you have to do is ask.
We currently don’t host travel for men and families.
Meraki regularly hosts travels. You can get in touch with us via email, social media or phone. Do note that all trips are carefully curated and customised according to your tastes. We also host group tours which are listed on our website from time to time.
Yes, absolutely. We welcome all female solo travellers to join us on our upcoming journey’s.
You can send us your requirements via email, social media or phone call. Our representative will get in touch with you & understand your requirements. We will offer the best possible tours & holidays keeping in mind your taste and feasibility of that tour. Meraki has a wide network of associate offices and each city is equipped with a Meraki representative who will always be available and uses the Meraki Safe transport & hotels.
The groups can be as small as 2 or as large as 15. When it comes to experiences, numbers don’t matter; we always make them personalised.
Journeys with AK are special tours where the first Meraki Girl, Arunima Kundu takes you on journeys through her lens.
Since each tour is customised and takes you on a special journey, the stays reflect the nature of the tour. For example, you could live next to royals in a swanky hotel or call it a night in a tent by the river. All locations are carefully vetted to ensure maximum safety and happiness.
This depends on the destination we’re headed to. We make sure you have a comfortable ride to and fro. The transportation is safe , drivers are well groomed and personally vetted by us. The transport used by meraki is no older than 03 years in order to maintain it well.
Every part of the journey- right from the mode of transport to the destination is carefully vetted. Meraki ensures total safety on all aspects of your journey. Our guides are women guides unless the destination has none. Our drivers are given quarterly training and our wide network across the country is always active in each destination.
Each tour has a tour manager’s number and also emergency numbers who will help you at any given time to stay connected at home in case your phone is not available. Each city in India has a Meraki representative who is always available at any given point in time.
We may not explicitly have women as supporting staff, but we make sure you feel the most comfortable when you’re travelling with us. At a few destinations we might not get women guides or managers but all our staff is trained to attend to women and their needs.
There are no barriers of any kind. We also have multilingual staff at many locations.
Where you share the room with another solo traveller but all of this is very well planned. The hotels and accommodations we use are very well aware of this.
Each tour is designed from the time you land in the place till you depart. Accommodation, transportation, guides, meals (Depending on the plan you confirm), representatives in each destination, entrances to the monuments & parks.
Well, we have separate trips for women & kids. You can write to us to know more about this or explore our upcoming tours page!
Groups are sold and promoted on various channels and anyone can book to travel for it. Prices are on a twin sharing basis where you share rooms with other roommates. You can always opt for a single room as we always offer a single room supplement.
Sure we always offer a single room price too.
Meraki is for all. Age is no bar as long as you are fit for that particular tour. Try us and be a Meraki Girl
It can work both ways either we plan a solo tour just for you or you can join one of our groups which are pre-determined with date and destinations.
Giving back to the community is at the core of Meraki. We help better the lives of locals by contributing to their wellbeing through knowledge-sharing, joint activities and by empowering their businesses.
We try to utilize women-led services wherever possible. While we travel, we ensure locals are used and promoted. Meraki involves local women enterprises. We use our women expertise who travel in a group to benefit local women wherever possible.
We promote women oriented or women led services in each city. Like, women guides, women run hotels or village houses, women run midways & women run shops
Meraki Green is a movement that believes dreams are more powerful than reason. They make space for a larger perspective. You don’t have to save a forest but you can always water a plant. You don’t have to adopt a family but you can teach them what you know. There’s no great idea when YOU are the idea.

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