Meraki Green

The Meraki Green Initiative

Meraki Green puts you in the spotlight without a script. Go for it, chase what you can, do what you think is best- for you, by yourself.

We are on a mission to create benchmarks by inspiring responsible tourism and reducing our carbon footprint

Let's travel responsibly while saving the environment

Dreams are more powerful than rationality or reason and gives way for a larger perspective. We believe you don’t have to save a forest but you can always water a plant. You don’t have to adopt a family but you can teach them what you know. That precisely speaks our mind behind Meraki Green initiative.

It's Always The Simple Things That Make A Big difference

Please pack light for clothes and try and repeat them as they don’t always get dirty or sweaty often.
Meraki pledges to stay in environment-friendly and local hotels wherever possible.
When not in rooms, please switch off all heaters, lights and other electronic items. Also, while taking a shower, be careful of water wastage.
Meraki supports this with a whole heart. We encourage all our travellers to eat local food as it helps promote local cuisine and keep the local heritage intact.

The Meraki Moods

A diverse and handpicked collection of tours based on various traits and themes to inspire awe in women from all walks of life


Join a social, vibrant and thriving community of women who love to travel and explore the world while creating benchmarks of their own.

Empowered Choices To Complement You


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