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Enchanted Spiti: The valley that breathes beauty

Tranquil monasteries on mountaintops located well over 3000 feet above sea level with scenic lakes, rugged cliffs, and a charisma that leaves one awestruck, such is the beauty of the Spiti valley. A picturesque paradise for introverts, this cold desert is occupied by very few inhabitants. It is the ultimate destination if you want to escape the hustle and chaos of city life. The name Spiti loosely translates to “The middle land,” which signifies it is in the midst of India and Tibet.
Spiti is all about never-like-before experiences
This snow-clad valley is the epitome of spirituality and religion, with the local people following Tibetan Buddhism as their neighbours, Tibet and Ladakh. This dazzling desert valley in Himachal Pradesh starkly contrasts with all the neighbouring hill stations. Its deep-rooted cultural ties with Buddhism are visible all around the valley, with scenic monasteries and red prayer flags fluttering unabashedly wherever you go.
Spirituality, architecture, heritage, and more…
The monasteries of Tabo, Key and Dhankar are must-visit places.
The Tabo monastery famously referred to as the “Ajanta of the Himalayas,” is one of the largest monastery complexes. With brilliant pieces of stucco statues and wall paintings adorning the galleries of the monastery, this is sure to be an art lover’s heaven. If you want to explore more of Buddhist culture and monasteries, the Key monastery is one of Himachal Pradesh’s must-visits. At a towering height of 4166 meters above sea level, this stunning monastery is a 1000 year relic that is additionally the largest of all monasteries in Spiti.
You can’t skip nature in Spiti!
Spiti, as a tourist attraction, provides a myriad of getaways. Every nature lover will find peace here, surrendering to its various terrains and spectacular landscapes. Despite being on the harsh and rugged laps of the Himalayas, the lakes in Spiti valley are tranquil and a visual retreat. Despite being inhospitable almost throughout the year, they harbour a variety of flora and fauna and are sure to leave any traveller wonderstruck. The Chandra Tal is a crystal clear water body that is moon shaped (thus inspiring the name) with the pastoral countryside on its banks where sheep and shepherds go along in great harmony. The Chandratal trek is a significant experience to savour when on a tour to Spiti.
Another extraordinary lake that deserves attention is the Suraj Tal, encircled by mountains and postcard-worthy valleys. The lake of the Sun god, as it is otherwise known, is sure to leave you spellbound with its beauty. However, this enchanting lake is left uninhabited for most of the year, being the 3rd highest elevated lake in India and freezing cold.
Pin valley is famous for the various trekking routes that pass over the Pin Parvati pass. Additionally, wildlife enthusiasts will find solace in the wilderness of Pin Valley National Park. Its snow-laden peaks and slopes, the majority of which are unexplored, make it the perfect natural habitat for various endangered species such as the snow leopard, Siberian Ibex, Bharal, Golden eagle, Himalayan snowcock, snow partridge, and various medicinal plants.
A sweet sweat adventure in the hills
If you are the adrenaline junkie that needs to have at least one life-enriching experience per trip, the quaint town of Kibber can be your paradise. At a massive altitude of 4205 meters, it is one of the highest inhabited places in the country and also acts as a base for high-altitude treks. Kibber sets itself apart from the arid valley by having fields full of lush greenery and is a habitat for a wide variety of exotic fauna like blue sheep and snow leopards.
With its spectacular beauty, Spiti is the top holiday destination for travellers looking for a winter wonderland. One is fulfilled yet never satisfied after experiencing the heart and soul of this place.
Spiti with Meraki
We at Meraki are a dedicated women travel company who are always curious and go beyond to curate such trips that bring joy and containment to all the lovely Meraki girls out there. Do you wish to experience the enchanted Spiti the Meraki way? Here’s some fantastic news for you! We’re planning our Spiti valley trip from 16th to 24th December 2022.
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