Meet The Founder

Meet The Founder

Arunima Kundu Sharma

The Curious Case Of The First Meraki Girl

The idea of travel dates back to Columbus, Vasco da Gama and the unlike-thousands who set their sails to discover what was once considered 'inexistant'.Centuries since, the idea of going places has evolved to the point where it compounds for a large chunk of life-experiences. While some let you book tickets to a place you wish to be transported to and some plan your trips altogether, a new collective downtown takes a deep drift to a place where 'travelling beyond kilometres' is at the centre of what they do.Knock, knock? Who's there? The First Meraki Girl In comes Arunima. Arunima Kundu or 'AK' as she's called, has a pretty elaborate street-cred in the world of travel. She's been at every junction of the travel-chain and has a mental-thesis on transforming how people go places. She's worked with leading travel, tourism and hospitality groups across the country, trotting through the most iconic experiences around the world only to come back home and realise, "There's a lot more to this!" What's a lot more?A lot more is when you travel for liberation. Liberating not just yourself but those around you. When you travel to not just explore but to empower, your journey becomes a lot more meaningful than it was set out to be.Meraki Diaries is what makes it happen. Travelling with Meraki is an expedition to find where you are, where you wish to go and how. It is about seeing, understanding and believing the possibilities. It is about giving back.

The Meraki Moods

A diverse and handpicked collection of tours based on various traits and themes to inspire awe in women from all walks of life


Join a social, vibrant and thriving community of women who love to travel and explore the world while creating benchmarks of their own.

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