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How travelling to Bali can be your next adventure?

The constant hustle of 9-5 got you down? Or staying up late working on your side hustle makes you want to drop everything for a couple of days and find solace in the lap of nature? Whatever your draining daily regimen might be, we’ve got a solution for you. Join us at Meraki Diaries on a voyage to Bali, the land of the Gods, to explore the unknown!
We understand that you might have a question, “Why Bali?” Bali attracts people to its breathtaking natural splendour, including majestic mountains and luscious terraced rice fields that radiate peace and harmony. It is renowned as the surfers’ paradise. Bali fascinates vacationers with its dramatic dances, vibrant ceremonies, arts and crafts, as well as its opulent beach resorts, and vibrant nightlife. Temples with magnificent carvings can be seen everywhere, enhancing their historic appeal and quenching the thirst of the explorer in you.
You might have heard of the following main attractions while travelling to Bali, noted for their gorgeous scenery and tropical beauty from the people travelling to Bali:
While these spots in the “bali travel guide” garner major traction from visitors, you are someone who wants to explore the “road less travelled”. Therefore, we at Meraki have curated a list of destinations that will help you unearth the beauty of Bali and rediscover the original magic. Step away from the limelight and unwind. Pack your bags. We are not just shopping and getting carried away by the nightlife. We delve into the land as one of its own.
Call your girl squad and send them this guide to Bali travel. Let’s get set and go!
1. Sidemen Valley
Ubud, the hub of Bali’s vibrant art, food, and yoga scenes, is undoubtedly worth seeing. The area is beautiful, with emerald-green rice fields, undulating hills, and volcanoes. And Sidemen valley, which is only a 45-minute drive away, is the best place to take it all in, away from the chaos.
Visitors have been trickling in for a relaxed stay among fruit orchards and spectacular views, including the dramatic view of Gunung Agung, Bali’s highest mountain. In addition to serving as a fantastic starting point for ascents of the massive volcano, Sidemen also offers shorter day hikes through the lush surroundings.
2. Uluwatu Temple
If you are a cultural or spiritual fanatic, then the Uluwatu Temple is your place to be. Elegantly located on the top of the cliff, this 1,000-year-old temple is famous for its spectacular views, soulful traditional “Kecak” Balinese dance, and the supreme belief in merging powers of the Hindu Trinity. From enjoying a joyous spiritual delight to absorbing the heat-melting sunset views, the Uluwatu Temple shouldn’t be off your list.
3. Denpasar
If you want to experience some local flavour, Denpasar is your one-stop shop. The island’s capital has a distinctively traditional Indonesian vibe unique to Bali, and the cuisine is true to its roots. Two favourites among locals are Café Teduh and Depot Cak Asmo. The largest food market on the island, Pasar Badung, is worth a visit for its assortment of tropical fruits and spices.
Additionally, Denpasar offers some of Bali’s best sightseeing. Visit the impressive Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali or the monumental Bajra Sandhi Monument in the centre of Denpasar’s main park, which you may climb for awe-inspiring views and a complete overview of Balinese culture and history.
4. Tirta Gangga
Tirta Gangga, which is home to the majestic Taman Tirta Gangga, one of Bali’s most beautiful palaces, may draw its fair share of tourists during the day. Still, the evenings bring a quiet that is uncharacteristic of touristy Bali. The idyllic landscape, which offers amazing opportunities for excursions to picturesque rice fields, nearby villages, and revered temples, is the main draw outside the palace.
5. Banjar
Imagine yourself submerged in a healing pool of water, surrounded by thick trees, with nothing but the chirping of birds in the background. Several hot springs dotted over the island are great for relaxing sore muscles and reviving the mind.
These hot springs’ enormous stone pools provide a relaxing dip in water revered for their therapeutic properties. The hot springs are located on the island’s northern coast, around five kilometres from Lovina.
6. Jatiluwih
Jatiluwih, a stunning region famed for its lush terraced rice paddies recognised as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, is located at Mount Batukaru. Jatiluwih, which means “very good” in its direct translation, appropriately captures the area’s serene landscape. This is an ideal place to escape the crowds, take in the scenery, and breathe fresh air.
In the peak season, the main road can become congested with tour buses, but if you take one of the routes into the paddies, you’ll find yourself right in the centre of Bali. Take a stroll across the countryside, meet the residents, and learn about the village’s innovative subak irrigation system.
7. Padangbai
Bali’s east coast serves as home to a place called Padangbai. Mostly used as a stopover for travel to Lombok and the Gili islands, this peaceful town is seldom crowded. However, exploring this seaside community uncovers hidden caverns and breathtaking vistas where you might be the sole outsider.
Beautiful untouched beaches may be found on the coast of Padangbai. It’s the perfect location for diving, snorkelling, and swimming with children due to the tranquil beach waters.
8. Lovina
A quiet coastal community in Bali’s north, Lovina is the perfect place to unwind, enjoy the clean waters, try the local cuisine and relish the peace as it is free from people and noisy city life. The black sand beach in Lovina has calm, swimming-friendly waves.
The only location in Bali where you can view dolphins in their natural environment is in Lovina, making it a must-visit in your itinerary! You will find organised tours every day, before sunrise, when the dolphins are the most active. And if soaking in hot springs is your thing, we advise travelling to Air Panas Banjar for a rejuvenating bath.
9. Sukasada village
What can you see at Sukasada hamlet on Bali’s northern coast? Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan, the magnificent twin lakes, of course! These are crater lakes situated inside the caldera of the extinct Bedugul volcano amidst Bali’s central highlands.
The lake was a single, enormous body of water until the 1800s when a landslide caused it to separate. Acres of coffee plantations, rice paddies, vegetable gardens, and astounding waterfalls may be seen beyond the lakes.
If you think that is all, you’re wrong! While travelling to Bali with Meraki diaries, you’ll also get a chance to explore the following:
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